A Quiet Time

The house is a mess. I was barely home all weekend, and my previous week was filled with engagements and events. Making new connections or deepening the newly formed connections are both very important facets of fulfilling life but it requires me to be social. Being social can be toxic. At least for me it is. It’s time consuming, drains my limited energy, and it’s costly.

It’s a awake up call. The emailed titled “Items Overdue” startle my just awakened mind. I forgot to return my books. I am mostly very punctual with these things. Paying bills, being up to date on my daughter’s and my dog’s routine check-ups and vaccines, maintaining my healthy weight, keeping track of my weekly meat and vegetable intake, maintaining my old friendships, and most of all, never being late to return items I borrowed. I manage my life by staying simple. I try not to overbook or over-commit myself. I try to keep my activities simple by sticking only to the things that fill my heart with joy. It’s a lesson I learned after much unnecessary sufferings.

But lately, perhaps because of the nice weather, there has been many influx of events. Church gatherings, birthday parties, baby showers, and so on; they all seem to be happening all at once. People are waking from the long slumber and the springy air makes everyone want to join in on the fun and vibrant activities.

As I add yet another event to the growing list of happenings this week, I vow to careful plan my time. This week, I will remember to prioritize my quiet time, alone with God and with myself. It is in these moments where I am reminded of the most important things and events of my life. My life’s purpose is not to meet other people’s expectations. If two events coincide and create conflict, then ask yourself: Where would the Holy Spirit have me be at that moment? Who does God want me to share the Gospel with or who needs the comfort and peace of Christ? Or is it me who is in need of much needed God-time spent in silence to be renewed in the presence of God? These few questions help me to clarify the dilemmas I often face when presented with two or more events I am invited to attend.

With the sense of being back on track restored, I joyfully write down today’s schedule. The first on the list? Going to the library as soon as the door opens and return my overdue items.

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