Rare moment of Serenity


It’s a brief moment. This quiet, this silence, this freedom, and this empowering moment. Summer break is almost here and I must grasp every chance I can get to make the best use of the time I have to myself. Soon, the school will be out and my child will be home with me 24/7. Because this time is soon coming to an end, it’s all the more sweeter. What should I do? What do I feel like doing? Yoga, writing, walking, praying, reading, and cleaning… the list goes on and on. There are so many things I want to do on my bucket list, but there never seems to be enough time to do anything, let alone everything. So, I must choose wisely. Today, I decided to sit down and type away my brief morning alone. It doesn’t matter if I produce anything productive or worth sharing. That is not my purpose. The pleasure is in doing something I love to do regardless of the result and to have this opportunity to be in the present moment fully immersed without any distraction.

After all, this is the practice of yoga- being here and now and being mindful.

This is walking- through my own mindscape.

This is praying- a time of thanksgiving and praising for this wonderful time I get to have to myself.

This is reading and cleaning- the reading of what my soul is trying to communicating to me and cleansing of my disorderly heart space.

To me writing is everything.

My child’s class is almost over now. She will soon be running to me with her magnetic bright smile on her face with an art work she create during her brief class. And as I carefully tread this unknown path of motherhood, I hope I am guiding her to discover her tool. I hope in the brief moment of serenity, she, too, will have her own channel to release all of her passion, desires, and dreams. And most of all, I hope she will come to believe that the worldly result does not matter as long as she does it from the depth of her true being. As long as she can connect with her God-given soul, she can fly to wherever her mind takes her.



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