Soul Consciousness


The music titled “Japan” plays on my Pandora station. I loved this song so much at one point of my life that I replayed this tune all day for weeks until I finally grew out of it. It brings back my fond memories of my Hawaii days. At the same time, my mind remembers the recent stabbing event that happened in Tokyo. School girls and adults were attacked by a knife. Two people died and multiple people were injured from this mass stabbing attack. If it were a gun shooting as it is often the case over here in the United States, fatality rate would have spiked up. This is our new reality. Tokyo, one of the safest place on earth has been touched once again by the brutality of death and violence, and it makes us realize that there is no safe place here on earth. And it’s because this is not our final home. It can’t be. How can a good God be satisfied with the way things are? He is ever working toward the eternal goodness and we must have faith in that. It’s the only logical answer.

In the mean time, we continue to be touched by these tragic events that are happening daily around the globe. Through these events that awaken our deepest senses, we reach closer to the reality day by day. The reality is that we are not home. The reality is that death is all around us and it can attack our very own earthly existence at any given moment. The reality is that all these things that are happening to others are not limited to their experiences alone. They can happen to us. The reality is that we are intricately connected and the reality is that we must live out of the place of soul consciousness. Every second, a death occurs. Every second, a soul wakes up. Somewhere, some time, a soul wakes up to the true reality of a divine realm. And in that divine world, everything is one. There is no separation, no disconnection, and no isolation.

“Everything that’s happening to the world is happening to us. And whether or not we believe it, we can still feel it. That’s why it hurts so much. And we don’t even know why.”

-Charles Eisenstein

But we do. We do know why. Don’t you? It’s the divine spirit in us, the Holy Spirit in us that grieves the death of those innocent victims of the stabbing accidents. The Holy Spirit in us that mourns the tragic unfolding of our human history in this ending world. Its the God in us, with us, who shares the sufferings of this world. He is the one that suffers. And we are His partakers.

Triggered by the song “Japan”, I pay my humble tribute to the victims of this most recent attack. And today, I hope we all love every single human that we come across as if it is our last day to love here on earth. And remember how valuable this divine human life is to our God.

There’s a body, there’s a mind and there’s also a soul consciousness. When you get in touch with the soul consciousness, you become aware that other people have a soul, and you communicate with that. Then you realize that you’re both part of a more divine realm, and that’s called “divine consciousness.” You can go even deeper into what is then called “unity consciousness,” where you realize that we are all inseparably one. All the separation is totally artificial.

– Deepak Chopra


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