I Am Enough

The new school year started and the morning school bus stops all the traffic. I can’t see the yellow bus picking up the students on my deck but I can tell because all the cars come to a stop yielding the way for the bus and the students. Then the bus door closes and the stop sign rolls back in. The line of morning commute resumes its movement. The rhythm beats and my long, stagnant pause feels like I am being wasted. I am withering away while my child grows and the world moves on without me.

These are my thoughts as I try to pick up myself. Instead, I kneel, get as low as I can get, and utter the words of gratitude and thanksgiving. I remember the most recent sermon from In Touch ministries. The title read, “Satan’s strategy to defeat us”. The satanic war is a daily struggle for us all. But at one mention of the name “Jesus” I bounce back quickly from my lowest point. When I am low, God raises me up. How wonderful, this mystery of life in faith.

You are enough. 

I hear the quiet voice nudging me on. Yes, I am enough. I agree. Reluctantly, but I try my best to let the voice persuade me. As I grip at the book about prayer I recently borrowed at my church library, I marble at the possibility the power of prayer can ignite in my life, right here, right now. By now, I am completely persuaded. I am deeply convinced.

Prayer is enough.

God is enough.

I am enough.


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