Early Thanksgiving

As I was limping through my last month of summer fighting against my recurring panic attacks, fall arrived without my taking notice. The memories of my last summer weeks are jumbled puzzle pieces that I cannot sort out. But it does not matter.

I can feel the refreshing cool autumn air every morning I open my window before I sit down to do my Lectio Divina. It’s such a great start to the day. I can’t cease thanksgiving. Good bye to yet another summer I survived without crashing into a depressive episode. This summer made so many records for its scorching heat indexes. God, over the past years, promised me over and over that He will be with me through the waters, rivers, fire, and the flame (Isiah 43:2). Each year I begin in hope and end in thanksgiving is the validation of His promise.

I can once again taste the sweetness of God’s Word every morning I read my Bible. The gloomy sensation that threatened to sap the joy out of my soul has finally been lifted. The heavy weight is finally off my chest and the light weight of God’s glory and pure joy of heaven have been replaced. I can breathe again.

Thank you for this breath of God. Thank you for the sweetness of your Words. Thank you for this new season of fall and for all the glorious colors of leaves this season will bring. And though I cannot yet write much after my mind has long been under seizure, thank you for my happy writing days ahead.

I have nothing more left to say than to thank you, my God.

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