Still, Isolation

Since my last post which was at the beginning of March, I find myself still in isolation. At that time, it was a self-inflicted isolation, and now it’s half-mandatory. Now, one in five Americans (as of last week) are living under lock-down, our new state of existence. How long will this last? It depends on what we, as a nation, do today. I have been following this pandemic ever since the outbreak of China. I’ve watched how the virus evolved and engulfed my home country, South Korea, and I’ve fearfully followed the desperate efforts that the South Korean government poured into this battle to beat Coronavirus. And comparing the two very different trajectories of the governmental efforts, it is now very clear, at least to me personally, that I must prepare to hunker down for a long, long while.

So many advice abound all over the internet about how to survive this new reality. Each day a new morning hovers down on every anxious people on earth and we are left to wonder if we would be spared from the virus today. We wonder if our loved ones still carrying on their jobs out there will come home infected bringing the virus into our very own living quarters. The danger is so very real to our first respondents, healthcare workers, and so many workers in the line of essential tasks. Yes, we are all on survival modes, one of them being the panic-buying of the toilet papers.

The life of God’s servant calls for something greater than operating from the place of panic and fear. But honestly, it is easier said than done. I desperately pray the rosary each night after my child goes to bed. As I try my best to cope with my fear of what is here and what is to come, each day looms darker and darker and the hope seems so far reaching. O but how our Lord cares so deeply when His loved ones are in pain. He is never far away in times of trouble. Instead, He is ever near, nearer than He ever was. His presence is felt every time fear creeps up on me. It is a reminder that God conquered death.

O Lord, I am your servant, born into your household;

you have freed me from my chains.

I will offer you a sacrifice of thanksgiving

and call on the name of the Lord.

– Psalm 116:16-17


May you all find comfort in the living Word of God as we all strive to complete this trial as faithful servants of God.

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