If you have been my reader for a while, you would by now know that I am an advocate for an effortless living. It is not that I am an advocate for a lazy, slacking, timing-wasting lifestyle, but it is that I am very tired of being an avid activist for myself for so long and I am very tired. But most of all, with a child under my care 24-7, I just find that I have no time to do anything other than being a mom. But one assuring thing that I have found comforting and empowering is that there is a greater force out there. And when you have that power behind your back, you can accomplish things that you didn’t even dream of. Here is what I know for sure from my own experiences. The source of that power is God, the maker of heaven and earth. The sun and the moon. The rain and the wind.

I have seen the proof of easy existence under God’s providence right on my driveway recently. Picture says a thousand words so here it goes.

What is she hatching??

She built a nest on my driveway. She hatched. And the baby birds came to be. All in a few weeks of time. Now I enjoy watching the four baby birds grazing on my property every morning. They will learn to fly soon and fly away, yes. But, oh what joy this bird family offered me for the last month. It gave me something to look forward to. And I did not put a single effort into it.

My friend asked me why I don’t enjoy keeping indoor plants over our text message. This is why.

They are just always there. I don’t have to do anything to bring them into my life. I did not have to put a single effort into it.

And this week, I hear so much outpouring and cries asking for justice. As an immigrant and a minority, I am one of them. If I can hear the suffering cries of the hurting people, then of course, God hears. And if he grants such peace and joy of living even to the birds and flowers that live on the land so effortlessly, then how much He would give to those who are suffering and crying out in so much pain. I believe that there will be a great reward ahead. In the mean time, I join the voices and make my own efforts by praying to the Lord who hears our prayers.

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