A thundering silence

Just as I sat down to continue my reading, a sudden shower passed through my neighborhood. I was about to read the chapter titled “A Thundering Silence” from Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise by Thich Nhat Hanh. The roaring sound of the rain shower waved through my backyard as I was watching its path on my quiet deck. I realized then that the words from the book about the power of silence was manifesting right before my eyes. I was living the words.

The power of the quiet in my mind and heart infused with the power of the purity of the rain sound was magnificent. At that moment, I was sitting on an empty deck equipped with nothing but the yoga mat on the floor and yet, I felt that nothing was lacking. It was a sensation that I’ve often felt on my mountain getaway retreats. It was what kept calling me back to the mountains. It was this power of silence that kept placing me back on the mountains. The silence manifested the quiet life that I am living right now.

If I choose the path of worry and anxiety, there are more than hands full of things that could rob the joy of this pure, blissful feelings I am having right now. If I just look away either by my choice or by chance, then this powerful silence comes to an sudden end and I am brought back to the chaos that’s always there. I’m walking on a tightrope.

But I have my tools. I have my yoga mat, my books, the beautiful scenery that I never get tire of right out of my deck. I pray, I read my Bible, I listen to the music that moves me. I hear the breeze, I feel the rain, and I always, always, heed to the call of the nature. I do my best to return to the basics of all things where my source of joy resides: My God who provides all things in the midst of silence.

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