Rain. Storm. Fog.


I could sit here and watch this all day. The way the rain storm envelops the countryside and the way rain shower soothes my soul gently despite the thunder. I woke up to a hot summery day. We had breakfast on our deck planning the hot day ahead. I filled a small pool to let the water has a chance to warm up under the hot sizzling sun. Instead, I sat on my deck into the evening watching the rain. The whole house turned dark as the storm clouds moved in.

Once the storm has passed, the golden sunset settled in and lured me to a peaceful night of sleep. It was a very moody day for the weather, shifting from extreme heat of hot plains to dark thundering tropical storm, and finally finishing up with the most wonderful sunset I have seen lately. It was entertaining, eventful, even, to my mundane daily life where most of my time is spent in the house still in isolation.

I know people are out and about resuming life. I choose to stay low during the summer and prepare for the fall and winter. At this point, I am wondering if my choice is out of caution or simply because I enjoy being away from it all. I’ve always fantasized about a life tucked away from the civilization. In a way, I have ran to the mountains and I intend to stay there.

Today, I woke up to a thick fog. The whole night has been silent after all those thundering sounds tore through the sky yesterday. Now I see why. It has been steaming up this dense fog preparing for yet another new day under the quarantined life. I am suddenly so thankful for all that the nature is capable of. Its varying, shifting, and at times, extreme weathers never get me bored. If only people will say the same thing about my moody, shifty, and unpredictable mood changes.

What will I fill my day with? The answer lies within the weather. whatever I end up doing today, for now, I enjoy my breakfast on the deck and my day already fills complete. I wish for a great start for everyone today.

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