Carpet of Snow


I am in love with Carpet of Snow. I planted a small bag of carpet of snow seeds without much research, thinking that they will resemble something like those tall white flowers that adorn the beautiful bouquets I see at markets. It turns out carpet of snow grows only about 4 inches tall. But these almost dwarf-like features of Alyssum suits my taste perfectly. It fits right into my small plant pots. I can move my containers filled with the Carpet of Snow in full bloom all over my deck. Every time soft, gentle breeze touches my face, I smell the sweet fragrance Alyssum lets out. It’s so refreshing. I see those cute little white petals and smell the sweet, crips fragrance of Alyssum and realize that it doesn’t take much to feel joy in life. It’s contained in the small little pot of Carpet of Snow. I may never walk on the red carpet in this life, but this little joy of spending my mornings with the carpet of snow gets sweeter and sweeter everyday.

They say if you start to appreciate flowers, you can be assured that your middle age has arrived. Feeling not so young any more, but not so old, either, I have comfortably arrived the age I thought I’d never become. Ever since I was young, I always had this self-made belief that something amazing was going to happen when I am forty years old. Well, I have lived almost a whole year in this 40 year old body. Did something amazing happen this year? No. Not really. I swear I woke up every single morning asking myself “Is today the day something amazing is going to happen”? Then came the point when I realized that it was merely a childish daydream or some self-created milestone to make the years a little bit easier to get by. But whatever it was, the statement that something wonderful was going to happen when I am forty stuck with me for almost 3 decades. Now the year has finally arrived, and the habit doesn’t die easily. So, am I going to have something wonderful occurring this year or not? I ask, not myself any more, but God.

But when the Carpet of Snow greets you as you walk into the sunshine, and then they whisper to you each morning, ‘Isn’t life something wonderful?’, you can’t help but gradually come to the belief and be affirmed that yes, indeed, life is something wonderful. It is something to be treasured. 

Dark and tragic events will overwhelm us. Sadness and grief will knock us down robbing the pure joy from us. But despite all of that, something wonderful is coming, is here, and was there to bring us this far. You must never forget that. When you desperately hold on to your belief in God who will ultimately bring the humanity to the eternal joy, to the Life that will be lived in the constant state of something wonderful happening all the time, then you will hear that small little voice of the Carpet of Snow. 

Isn’t life something wonderful?, She asks. 

And you say in the same small little voice,

Yes, it is. 

In that honest moment of truth, you truly believe that something wonderful has happened.


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