You Could Still Fly

It was yet another morning I woke up in the dark valley. Have you ever woke up with a sinking feeling at the reminder of what had happened the night before? I woke up like that. I know there are many tragic events out there right now. I can’t even bring up my matter without…

Silence of God

It’s a cool summer morning after the rain shower swept through. It brings me back to the day when I was just arriving at the cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountain at the monastery. Sudden rain storm was hailing on us. We had to wait out in the car for the rain to give us…

Confused and Happy

I am descending the long stoney path leading me down to the parking lot from the monastery. Last time I walked down this path was last October after I had just been told that the community cannot receive me. Was that really less than a year ago? I had some gut back then. I laugh…

The Way to God

    Reading seeks, meditation finds, prayer asks, contemplation feels.   – The Ladder of Four Rungs,¬†Guigo II  

Lost and Found and Found Something More

I have three rosaries. My first rosary was given to me even before I was a Catholic at the Abbey of Gethsemani. My second and the third ones were given by my spiritual mentors from the catholic church where I was confirmed in Hawaii. They gave me the rosary each time I left the island….