Lost and Found and Found Something More(Repost with update)

This is a repost of a story I wrote about my favorite rosary back in November. Recently, I was asked by a reader if I could post the photo of the rosary given to me by Brother René who is now in heaven with the Lord. I repost this in my fond, loving memories of…

Nunc Coepi

“For two years I have been a hermit and have not appreciated the fact, or lived as one. Nunc coepi. Father Barnabas Mary, the Passionist in Chicago, wrote to me about Father Charbel who lived as a hermit in Syria- he was a Maronite. Everyone forgot about him. He died. Fifty years later his body was…

The Way to God

    Reading seeks, meditation finds, prayer asks, contemplation feels.   – The Ladder of Four Rungs, Guigo II  

Lost and Found and Found Something More

I have three rosaries. My first rosary was given to me even before I was a Catholic at the Abbey of Gethsemani. My second and the third ones were given by my spiritual mentors from the catholic church where I was confirmed in Hawaii. They gave me the rosary each time I left the island….