Dan Gibson and His Sounds

“Dan Gibson first fell in love with wildlife and the wilderness during his summers at Camp Ahmek in Ontario, Canada. Along with camp director Taylor Statten, Naturalist Stuart Thompson instilled in young Dan a profound appreciation for nature and a yearning to discover more.

In 1946, Dan founded his own company (Dan Gibson Productions Ltd.) and began his career in the production of nature films and TV series. Without stock libraries from which to source background sounds, Dan was left with the task of capturing nature’s sounds himself. His groundbreaking work in synchronizing sounds with visual content succeeded in transporting the viewer into the wilderness. This later earned him two Canadian Film Awards (now called Genies) for best movie soundtracks. After nearly 40 years in the film production business, Dan decided to embark on a whole new career. At the age of 59, when most people are considering retirement, Dan launched his brave new venture: Solitudes*.”

And here I was.. thinking, ‘It’s too late to start anything.’

It’s never, never too late to start anything… as long as you are following the truth of your heart and passion.

Think Dan Gibson! I am scolding myself this morning.


* Source: www.solitudes.com

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  1. Nicholas says:

    That’s very encouraging, as you can imagine!

  2. It is never too late. Pray. Trust. Act.

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