This Is My Utopia

If I could choose my first artist to work with once I open my art gallery next month, I would want him to be Van Gogh. An unrecognized, yet talented, and sensitive soul whose passion is so intense that it spills all over for the world to see.

It spills from his mouth. You can tell by the way he speaks. He talks like his mouth is on fire and he does not stop chattering. He will fill my space with his gibberish words and I would not stop him from talking. I would listen.

His restless heart is reflected in his restless eyes. His passion is there in his eyes to behold. But the strongest message is his energy. With such strong current flowing in his heart, enough to threaten the stability of his mind, he would tell me everything about himself that I need to know without using any words. I would know the creative power that lies in him. I would see his talent. But for now, just to calm down his overflowing heart, I would offer him a hot cup of tea.

And if the same pure passion from his heart is reflected on his canvas, if the emotions of his very soul is communicated through his choice of colors and techniques, and if the voice of the vision he depicted on the canvas is yelling and screaming “Life!”, then without a second thought, I would have faith in his works. I would know the painting would offer a clear vision, a clear voice, and a clear call to those in need of clarification, healing, and understanding. I would know that his painting has the supernatural power to reach out to the heart of another soul.

Through the medium of art, hearts will be connected. A communication will blossom and the still water will stagnate no more. New water will flood in, breathing new life into the heart of the lonely.

One painting at a time, the artist and the art lover will find their way back to love.

One heart at a time, all souls will find their way back to the light.

This is my utopia.

Welcome to my gallery.

* * *



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  1. reinkat says:

    Wonderful post!

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