Small Joys

I woke up to a thick foggy morning on this last day of 2018. These last few days, my mind has been occupied with the task of selecting a devotional book for the new year. With only one more day to go, I still haven’t found one that captivated me. This calls for the last minute trip to a local bookstore, then.

I received English lavender plants around Christmas. Along with a small pine tree in a pot I decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights, they sit on my window sill. One perk of living in a townhouse is that I found a newly appreciated beauty of indoor plants. I felt no need for having plants in the house and created a hassle of watering and caring for the vulnerable plants under my roof when I lived in the country. I had plenty of wild flowers and trees in the nature once I open my back door. But now, my view has been reduced to nothing but a maple tree standing outside my window and a big townhouse building blocking my view. These few plants I keep by my window have been doing me an unexpected favor for my emotional well-being. Every morning, a warmth glows in my heart. I anticipate watering them all winter and by spring, I shall be out looking for perfect pots to replant them. Again, yet another plan I make that makes my heart leap. Life is a series of small events that carry us through, after all. Watering your plants regularly. Taking your dog to a dog park. Taking a slow walk with your toddler. Going to a quaint coffee shop with your family for a small outing. Saying a prayer on your dining table every morning. Reading your Bible and your devotionals on each morning that the Lord gives you. These are the things that makes my life move forward. These are my foundations. These small events of my life are the gifts I’ve learned to accept with gratitude. Yes, God has been so generous with me this year.

Tomorrow, I could only hope that I could open my first post of the new year with a news on my choice of a devotional book I have chosen for the year 2019. It’s a thought that makes me eager to get up and get going to the bookstore as soon as they open. I pray that all my readers have their daily share of small and eternal joys from God and that your year will be filled with daily anticipation of the day ahead all year long.

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